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Slowjuicer Modell GREENIS® rot

Slowjuicer Modell GREENIS® rot
Slowjuicer Modell GREENIS® rot
• Material: Plastic (all parts that come into contact with food are BPA-free) • Heavy, powerful torque induction motor • Speed: 65 rpm • Includes 3 sieves (coarse, fine and extra fine), 2 containers (juice & pomace), pestle, tofu box and cleaning brush • Magnetic safety switch • Suitable for 30 minutes continuous operation • Creates an avg. juice content of 85 % (depending on food) • Reversal of the direction of rotation in case of blockages • Fast and easy self-cleaning option • Also suitable for processing wheatgrassB 210 x T 140 x H 440 mm230 V – 1 Ph. – 0,15 kW

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