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Gasfritteuse Modell E7/FLG1V17

Gasfritteuse Modell E7/FLG1V17
Gasfritteuse Modell E7/FLG1V17
• Material: stainless steel • With drainage tap and stainless steel drain tank • Rounded basin with cooling zone • Variable temperature adjustment up to 190 °C • Heating element can be folded upwards to ensure easy cleaning • Safety thermostat • Piezoelectric ignition • Pilot flame • Flame failure device • Temp.: 0/+190 °CAußen Extern. B 400 x T 700 x H 850 mm Korb Basket B 290 x T 300 x H 120 mm16,5 kW

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  • Model: 423-1095
  • Weight: 66.00kg

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